Friday, November 21, 2014

A Love Affair w/ Jim Dale at the Night Circus...

I LOVE to read. There is no better feeling than that of a good book in your hand. Also, nothing makes you feel richer. I mean no matter if your pockets are empty there are always books available. The library is a marvolous place filled with endless adventures. The greatest gift a parent can ever give a child is a library card. Oh the worlds to can travel to, the adventures you can take!

Sadly my days of curling up with an actual book have beenpostponed till my wee ones are older. My reading time has been filled with other fun activities like giving out hand stamps after successful trips to the potty with my 2 1/2yr old and couch surfing with my 7mth old. 

So what does a mom do when she can't actually sit with a book? Well she reflects back to her college days when she used to listen to her english homework while painting her art homework! Yep, Audiobooks are SO amazing. And what makes it even better is when the narrator is a genius. I downloaded The Night Circus from my library using the Overdrive app and when I pushed play I was greated with the voice of Jim Dale! He was the narrator for one of my all time favorite (now canceled) TV Shows called Pushing Daisies. If you never watched it, run and find it now! I mean they work at a place called The Pie Hole! What more do you need to know? Anyways I digress. At first I was a bit worried as Jim Dale has a unique voice, a tilt towards the cheesy one might say but after listening to just a few moments I swooned with the genius of the decision to have him read. What a delight it was to listen to this unique and wonderful adventure called The Night Circus with Jim Dale as my guide. 
Can't recommend it enough. I HATE when people give spoilers so here's how I described the book to my mother when she inquired...

Two guys with real magical powers make a bet.
Two young people are raised and trained as competitors.
The Night Circus is the skeleton upon which a delicious cast of characters is hung.