Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throw Back Thursday, Art Edition...

Back in 2004 we set off on an adventure. We were young, debt free, had no children and decided to move from Frederick Maryland to Carson City Nevada! Yep, that's quite a story but that's for another time. 

This week's TBT Art Edition takes us to November 2005.

One morning on the way to work Mr. AB called from his cell phone to tell me to walk down the street to see the fabulous morning fog laying in the valley. I grabbed my shoes, my camera and off I went. 

The scene was amazing! There's nothing more magical or erie than a foggy morning. 

Photo of the Sunridge Golf Club in morning fog.

This is the photo as it looked after I played around with it. To me, this was the moment when it demanded to be a painting. 

This is the finished 5x7 watercolor painting. I LOVE how it turned out.
What do you think?

I wish I still had this painting but as usual I gave this one away as well.

These TBT posts really have me going down memory lane as I look though photos of old art. There are so many things I've done and given away as gift that I have totally forgotten about. I probably could fill a museum with all the art I've given away.

I sometimes feel like I'm not an artist anymore because there's hardly any of my work in my own home. I really need to start keeping my own stuff. 

But it just feels SO good to give it away and make others happy!

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