Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oirish Tirsday...

I don't have a TBT Art Edition this week because I have a current little WIP or Work In Progress! Yay for being creative, right?

When I said a "little" WIP I meant it ;-) This little baby is only about 2 1/4" across and actually I think it's still a little too big. Crazy right? But it either just feels right or it doesn't, ya know?

It will get finished and framed and most likely hang in my hubby's office as this is his precious barn in our back yard. He practically rebuilt it by hand since it was in such disrepair.

He's an amazing man but we already knew that ;-)

I don't know about other artists but the creating goes so much smoother with some tunes. 

Every Thursday from 3-5pm EST I listen to a live radio show from Kiltimagh, County Mayo Ireland called "Soul Shenanigans"

The DJ is a very close personal friend of mine.

In honor of the big independence vote today, the show itself is all Scottish so please tune in!

Can't listen live?

Keep those toes tappin' and do something creative everyday, even if it sucks!

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