Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spark of Inspiration and a Tiny Watercolor...

Last week on Facebook I came upon a link to the AMAZING artist Lorraine Loots. You can read about her 2013 Paintings for Ants and her current project Postcards for Ants HERE

I personally can't stop looking at her work. Good thing there is a new one every day!

After soaking my eyeballs in her fabulous work the gears in my artist brain started a turnin'. I love all things tiny and detailed. I have a long history of creating photo realistic art be it drawing or painting. Inspired by Ms. Loots I have finished a tiny watercolor!
Though not nearly as tiny as hers, its a start. Working tiny in watercolor is a lot harder than one imagines. Acrylic I think would be easier. 

This was what my table art table looked like when I started. Tunes playing on my iPad thanks to Soul Shenanigans. I am lucky enough to have North Light in my studio so I arranged my art table in a way that the light comes in from my left as I am right handed so that there are no shadows cast onto my work from my drawing/painting hand! 

A limited palette of 6 Daniel Smith watercolors plus white gouache, some cheap tiny brushes I happened to have on hand, a dragon and crane for resting my brushes, a tea cup and sake cup for water and a pencil. 
The hardest part was choosing only 6 colors for my palette! I'm a color addict as you may imagine. 

The deliciously smooth paper I used for this painting. 

What it looked like after blocking in the colors.

I think she was pretty much finished at this point!

A close up detail photo for you. 

After she was all finished and to my liking I went in search of a frame. I found this one in a box in my closet. I purchased this beauty many years ago off the clearance table at World Market. It's been in a box and moved at least 2 times that I can think of. I think they go together just perfectly, don't you?

I am so pleased with how it turned out that it's currently sitting on my table giving me continued inspiration. I have been inspired and envision an even larger project sort of in the line of what Ms. Loots has created but with my own take on the idea. 
So look for more tiny paintings to come! As a mom of 2 kids, this is a project that fits my current life perfectly! I haven't been this inspired, this excited about an art endevour in some time!!!!

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