Monday, September 30, 2013

Outside The Box and Other Logo Adventures...

I'm an artist, always have been, always will be. There's no denying it despite how much I tried to struggle against it when I was very young, trying SO hard NOT to be like my mother, as you do when you are young and searching for our own identity. Then there came a day when I could deny it no longer. Literally, there was an actual day. I remember it clearly and so does my mother. I think at the time it was one of her proudest mother moments. She still talks about it. 

I walked into the room seemingly all defeated. "Well, there's no denying it" I said with a long exhale. 
My mother looked at me with great concern, "What's wrong honey"?
"I'm an artist. It's just who I am"

From that moment on I've owned that title, wearing it like a badge of honor. 

Though I worked as an artist for years before opening my first official Online Shop I never had a Logo. There was no need for such a thing back then. Then came time to open an Etsy Shop. I was so scared yet equally excited. On July 24th 2012 Artistic Bean went live. My mother was there to help and witness the event!

This was my first logo. I was so proud of it. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to design that logo on Corel Draw. Oh the victory it represents. Well it served it's purpose for a few years but recently as I've begun a rebirth of Artistic Bean it needed a rebranding as well.  Perhaps a color change was in order?

My new studio is grey with a tiny splash of yellow so this seemed to fit the bill. 
Well as I sat back and looked at it, no it just wasn't working. Something was wrong. 

How about this? Yeah, that seems ok. 
No, still not right. Hm. Perhaps a little rearranging of elements will do the trick. 

Now I was on to something. Since the very beginning of Artistic Bean I have been in love with the idea of BN representing Bean instead of AB for Artistic Bean. It just seemed to fit my personality better. With a little splash of my favorite orange I was happy, for like a minute till I uploaded this sucker on the web and INSTANTLY it looked like a Halloween Horror Spoof Logo! GREAT!

I was SO freaking frustrated I ran screaming from the computer, straight out of the studio and closed the door. GRRRR!

After I calmed down I went back to my roots which is drawing. I grabbed my sketchbook and a pencil and just started doodling. I started to incorporate my almost obsessive love of Art Nouveau and my equally obsessive love of all things Orange/Lime Green. 

I was reborn in Logo Form!!!

I'm in LOVE! 
I let the design sit for a while to see if anything about it niggled my brain. I tested it out on a few family members and close friends to see if it worked for them. If they got it and it communicated well.  

FINALLY, a real logo. Not a box with letters. A logo I as an artist can be proud of. One that represents me! And you want to know the best part? 

I did it all myself.
Oh what a sweet, sweet victory this is.

I'd love to hear what you think. Have you had any similar logo/branding issues?

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