Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stolen Moments and the Evolution of a PostCard...

As anyone with children knows, moments alone are rare and moments alone doing something creative are even rarer still. So when I woke up this morning and it appeared that both kids were choosing to sleep in just a little later than normal I stole some moments for myself. I have a little travel art set at the ready for just such an occasion! 

One of my all time favorite cup cozies The Giraffe Cozy was just begging to be drawn. So, I got out my new Uni Pin pens, one of my favorite Fabriano Medioevalis Cards and I was off and running! I loved how it turned out so much that I decided to add some color. 

What better way to add color to a Giraffe patterned coffee cozy than to paint it using real coffee?
I haven't painted with coffee for some time so it felt great to get back into it. 

As I worked I got more and more excited!

The decision to call it done is usually a hard one but this time I think it was easy. 

I was very pleased by the results. 

And it smells wonderful!

A pretty good likeness I think!

I have a hard time keeping most of the art I do.  I had originally intended for this to be a postcard for some lucky person but once it was finished I fell so in love with it that I don't think I can let it go!
Or at the very least I'll hang on to it for a while till I get a new favorite! 

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