Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Finds = New Studio Additions...

Over the weekend the studio adopted some new furniture! A local photographer and owner of the former Ginger and Spice Marketplace (it closed in November 2013) posted that she was opening her warehouse and selling everything inside. I was intrigued. Then I spied in one of the photos she posted this lovely green beauty. I'm a sucker for a good green. 

The Muse LOVES to help so she eagerly grabbed the mini shop vac and got to work. 

While snagging the Green Beauty at the warehouse sale my heart fluttered over this couch sitting unloved against a side wall. It was covered with hat boxes, misc items and had a sticker price of $40. Yep, you read that right...$40. 
Be still my heart!

At least you can say I have consistant taste as the newly snagged couch matches PERFECTLY to the chair my sister-in-law passed along to me nearly 4years ago now. 
She still can't understand what I see in that chair but I LOVE her! 

A little rearranging and the studio is becoming a real place to hang out! There's nothing I love more than grabbing a cup o' joe in the morning and walking into my studio to find Mr. AB and The Muse elbow deep in Mess Free Coloring Books or lost deep in the pages of a book. 

I can't express enough how lucky I feel to be in my mid thirties and realizing a vision I've had for so long. A studio filled with love, laughter and creativity not just for me but for my family. 


  1. I would love to drink a cup of tea with you in your studio while we speak about art and inspiration... Of course I would sit on the green beauty... I loved it.. <3

    1. Marsia you are welcome in my studio anytime! I would love to sit and chat about art and inspiration with you. Oh the conversations we could have. My door and chair are always open :)