Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throw Back Thursday, Art Edition...

For those of you who are fellow Facebook Addicts like myself know about TBT or Throw Back Thursday where you post a picture from a time gone by. I've really been enjoying everyone's posts. I mean what is more fun than being given permission to look through someone's old photos?

I thought I would do a TBT "Art Edition".
Here's one of my favorites from 3years ago.
(why does it feel longer than that)

 My first real portrait done in acrylic. It was quite a challenge let me tell you. 
If years from now some art historian were to analyze this painting they will see no less than a BILLION layers of paint as I tried over and over again to get the skin just right. 

 Here is a photo of the finished product with a can of Coke just for scale.

This is a portrait of my dear friend David Cassidy.
The concept was to design a "wine label" utilizing info about his weekly live radio show.
How did I do? 

Every Thursday from 3-5pm EST he does a live radio show from Kiltimagh, County Mayo Ireland!
Can't listen live?

Trust me, he'll keep your toes tappin for 2hrs straight each and every week!

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